Bedtime is chaos.

Riley has finally been moved from his crib to a toddler bed, so he’s enjoying his newfound freedom. That’s code for he gets up at all hours of the night to blow whistles, hide under his sister’s bed, and play with his tractors. And he gets up super-duper, crack of dawn early, helps himself to whatever he wants in the fridge, then comes wandering into his parents’ room while jabbering about his toes.


So tonight, now that two kiddies are finally asleep, we are completely enjoying root beer floats, a warm fire in the wood stove, and the return of “24” on tv.


Getting closer…

Isn’t our new stamp major cuteness?! Production (hopefully) begins this weekend. Yay!


Out of Sorts

Yesterday we got a little bit of snow. Abby begged to go outside and make a snowman, so we did.



Riley was more interested in eating the snow.


I’m suffering from a major post-vacation slump. The fam visited us last week, and now that they’re gone, I’m having a heck of a time getting back into the swing of everyday life.

Sometimes I’m so not in the mood for everyday life. But duty calls!

To Do this week:

– Here’s what happens when you ignore laundry for a week:


So we’ll be tackling that task today.

– Oh! And getting ready for a little lady’s birthday tomorrow. Party #2!

– I have been reading through “The Husband Project,” so I need to get back on that project. My book accountability buddy probably thinks I’ve fallen off the wagon.

– This week I NEED to work on being more gentle/understanding with my kids. Mama bear has been very grisly lately and that’s not ok.

What are you up to this week?

On the Docket

Here are a few things happening here this week:

– Did I mention the hallway project? It used to be wallpapered, but the kids were pretty fond of ripping it off the wall. So I yanked the remaining paper off in the hallway and kitchen and decided to try a board and batten type project I found on Pinterest. We shall see how it turns out. I painted the walls a week or so ago; Jon cut the trim last night, so I will be painting and nailing all that into place within the next few days. Stay tuned!

– I’m officially, unapologetically addicted to this stuff:


– Sold quite a few owls at the craft show over the weekend, so I’ll be replenishing that stock for the Kearney show on the 12th. I love those cute little buggers, but they take quite a while to make. Lots of little steps.


-Sidenote: our first big city craft show went…ok. Traffic wasn’t quite as great as we’d hoped for, but we met some neat people and sold some stuff. And shopped a lot.

On the Positive Side

Tresia and I are cramming to get ready for a craft show in Omaha this Saturday, hence why blog posts have been few and far between. Hopefully next week will be back to normal!

On that note, a quick post about how I’m “reframing” a few negatives into positives on this cloudy March morning.

Negative: Abby woke up soaking wet this morning after a nighttime accident.
Positive: clean, fresh sheets for her bed.

Negative: something spilled/leaked in the fridge, collecting in the drawers and the impossible-to-clean-area underneath the drawers.
Positive: the fridge is now ultra-clean…cross that off the spring cleaning list.

Negative: spilled sesame seeds all over the floor.
Positive: a cleanly swept floor AND Asian noodle salad is prepared and ready for lunch.

It’s all about perspective!! 🙂


So, remember a while back when I mentioned my newfound obsession with temporary hair dye kits? (Which, might I add, I have since discovered are NOT all created equal…I now have a small stockpile of the GOOD brand in my cupboard, because a few brands were yucky icky no good. I digress.)

Tonight was hair dye night, and for once I allowed my little lady to keep me company during the process. Her only job was to stay seated while I transformed myself.

Apparently either she didn’t listen and came too close, or I got really messy and splattered her, because she DEFINITELY has a dark brownish reddish blob in her dark blonde hair.

So if you see her within the next 28 days (which is how long the dye lasts, you know), and she has a bow in a strange location on her head, you will know why.

The End.


Goings On

– I totally have Olympic fever. TOTALLY.

– Due to aforementioned fever, we’ve hardly watched Veggietales or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood all week long. I’m ok with this.

– “Project: Phase Out Sippee Cups” has officially commenced. I am so sick of cleaning/assembling sippee cups. Each child has been given a Nalgene kids water bottle. They can have cups during meals and their water bottles during the day. So far both children are thrilled/borderline obsessed with the new cups. I only hope the thrill continues long enough for Mommy to help the sippees “disappear.”

– I love MOPS. For real.

– Did I mention my infatuation with the olympics? This post could have been finished 27 minutes ago but I can’t stop watching the women’s half pipe final. Oy.

– Is 10:16 pm too late to bust out chocolate cake?

– Riley may or may not have worn his sister’s pink cowboy boots to town yesterday. His father would not be thrilled to hear this information.

The End.