Reclaiming My Sanity

A couple of weeks ago, we had a guest speaker at MOPS. She was a home organizer and she gave us tons of tips for getting organized.

Um, I need her help at our house. Desperately.

But since hiring a home organizer isn’t in our budget at the moment, I was super excited to soak in her advice at our meeting. Lots of her ideas were things I am either already doing or know I should be doing. She had a few awesome new-to-me ideas too. Here’s one that I have adopted and am loving:

Use a hanging closet organizer to hold your kids’ outfits for the entire week.


So on Sunday, I plan our Week’s activities and pull outfits for each kid. And I even pull pajamas for each night. Then I drop them in the organizer for each day and voila! One less hassle/decision To make every day.

Love thus simple system for a few reasons.

1. We have old dressers whose drawers stick. The fewer times I have to open/close them, the better.

2. I hate mornings. So the easier our morning routine is, the better.

3. I like feeling organized.

Sometimes the outfits of the day have to be changed at the last minute because of weather or a change of plans, but I’m ok with that. Laundry day is Monday at our house, so sometimes we run out of clothes/pajamas when I set out clothes on Sunday. No biggie, I just add them in as I do laundry on Monday.

Yay for organizational progress!


What A Mess

Quote overheard on GMA this morning: “Make your mess your message.”

LOVE that!!

Love it for a couple of reasons:

1.) The MOPS theme for the upcoming year is “Beautiful Mess.”

2.) I’m a mess.

3.) I’ve been feeling the urge to write more, but didn’t know where to start. Now I have some ideas and inspiration. I think there’s something wonderful about sharing our messes and imperfections; it makes it easier to relate to one another and meet each other right where we’re at. LOVE.

Craft Show Recap

Our MOPS group had a craft show on Saturday. It was a good day. We made some money for our MOPS group and connected with a few new moms. That makes it a success in my book. 🙂

I was relatively prepared for the show (for once). Normally at craft shows, my table is a jumbled mess of stuff and looks like chaos. For the first time ever I wasn’t completely embarrassed about how my booth looked. (I’m a dork and didn’t take pics until halfway through the show, so some stuff was gone, but you get the gist).

Here’s a rundown of the booth:


The table runner was 2 burlap coffee bags sewn together. And I love love love the scrap banner on the front of the table, which my mom is calling my “cinco de mayo” banner. Hmmph.

I shared a booth with Sarah, who sells batik scarves, so the scarves on the table are hers. They’re beautiful!!

I had:



Stenciled burlap pillows and a few other throw pillows:


iPad and kindle cases:


Jewelry made with Tresia:


Matted subway art and photos, and key fobs:


I love craft shows. And these ladies. 🙂


Fabric-covered Notebooks

I had a really cute craft planned for MOOS today. But at 8 pm last night, I realized I was missing a pretty important material for the craft, so I quickly switched to another idea…fabric covered journals! I made one of these when I was in college eons ago and I still have it, so I thought it’d be a fun, easy craft for our MOPS group.

I bought composition books, spray adhesive and fabric glue at Alco and brought fabric scraps and some ribbon from my stash at home. It was as easy as that! We sprayed adhesive on the notebooks to attach the fabric, then used the fabric glue to tack down the edges and add ribbon. They all turned out so super cute! And now we all have notebooks to capture thoughts and ideas during our meetings. Love!!