Painting with Water

The recent MOPS magazine had a great idea for kids…give them a bowl or bucket of water and a paintbrush and let them “paint” outside.


I would just like to say that this seemingly simple idea is actually brilliant. What kid doesn’t like to paint?! And they could safely paint just snout everything: the house, porch, car, swing set. Abby actually “painted” every stepping stone on our rock path. Kept my kiddies occupied for quite a while on a hot summer day. Will definitely be trying this one again!


For Breakfast

Here’s what happens when mommy doesn’t get him breakfast soon enough…he finds a creative way to gain access to the banana chocolate bars we baked yesterday.




They do taste better than cold cereal, I guess. 😉

The New Playground

Daddy has been very busy lately.

He built this:


Abby calls it our park, as in, “Can we go play on our park, mommy?”

It is fabulous!

And he weeded out all the yucky thorny weed things that are growing in the lawn.

And he planted our new tree.

And he got the path put down:


Hooray for helpful husbands!

Oh Yes He Did

Watching Riley play tonight.

He was pretending to pour water from the plastic tea pot into his big tractor. Which in itself is odd, but I digress.

Fast forward three minutes. I notice too late that he’s actually really pouring water now, instead of just pretending.

Oh, yes. He absolutely went to the bathroom, dipped the pitcher into the toilet to get water, then carried it back to the living room and poured it into the tractor and all over the carpet.

True story. I followed the water trail.

Wish I’d known…

– That the terrible 2’s extended into the terrible 3’s. And that having kids in both at the same time is a recipe for insanity almost every day.

– That using a plastic turkey baster to remove hot oil from a pan (don’t ask) is a bad idea.

– How addicting “Frozen” is to a 3 year old girl. I’m now singing the songs in my sleep after watching it 841 times in the past week.

– that when my son was “hiding” behind the couch, he was really drawing all over the walls with chalk and on the carpet with a RED dry erase marker.

– I’d have to eat the entire 9×13 chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting by myself. (Well, this one’s not too bad.)