The New Playground

Daddy has been very busy lately.

He built this:


Abby calls it our park, as in, “Can we go play on our park, mommy?”

It is fabulous!

And he weeded out all the yucky thorny weed things that are growing in the lawn.

And he planted our new tree.

And he got the path put down:


Hooray for helpful husbands!

Oh Yes He Did

Watching Riley play tonight.

He was pretending to pour water from the plastic tea pot into his big tractor. Which in itself is odd, but I digress.

Fast forward three minutes. I notice too late that he’s actually really pouring water now, instead of just pretending.

Oh, yes. He absolutely went to the bathroom, dipped the pitcher into the toilet to get water, then carried it back to the living room and poured it into the tractor and all over the carpet.

True story. I followed the water trail.

The To Do List

Just to make myself feel like I’m being productive and getting more organized, I’m have compiled this list of outdoor tasks. Which heaven knows was long enough last week, yet I still added to this weekend. If you need something to do, PUH-LEASE feel free to drop by and tackle a project or five.

Prepare to amazed (or feel the need to have a stiff drink, because that’s kind of where I’m at. And I don’t drink.)

Rocks for the rock path.


New tree for the yard, which requires a massive hole, staking, and mulching.


Porch (one of two) to be painted.


Pew to be painted. (Don’t you love it?! Super cute, from the church my dad went to as a kid.)


Yard to be mowed. And prepped for swingset. So I need landscape timbers put into place and sand brought in. Fun!!


And the brown weedy area is the garden (stop laughing!), which needs to be tilled and planted and lovingly tended for.


Most of this requires my hubby’s help, and since he’ll be in a tractor for a couple of weeks, it’s only going to get worse around here. I guess I’ll stop blogging and get to work! 😉

These Days…

Due to recent perfectly gorgeous weather, we’ve been spending a ton of time outside.    Getting out of the house and having room to run has been fabulous.  Well, the kids run.  I sit on my new old church pew on the porch and brainstorm granola recipes and logos while watching the kids run and dig in dirt and blow bubbles and so on and so on.  Mommy is as grateful for the fresh air as the kids.  I’ve heard people say that their porches make them feel like they have a whole extra room in their houses.  This is the first spring that our south porch has been usable, thanks to my oh so handy husband, and boy, are we using it.  I totally get that “extra room” thing now.  That’s exactly how I feel.  I love our little porch so much that I’m already dreading the return of cold weather in the fall.

We (ok, I) made the mistake of telling Abby that we are going to get a swing set soon, and that’s all she’s talked about for almost a week now.  I have explained over and over  she will have to be patient, that we will have to buy it and build it, and since it’s planting season it may be a while before Daddy can get it up, but she doesn’t care.  I love her enthusiasm…and since it’s kind of my blabbbermouth’s fault that she even knows about it, I have been letting her dig the heck out of my flowerbeds with her plastic shovel while she bides the time.

Riley just wants to roam the yard.  And take the plastic shovel away from his sister.

Ah, the bliss.

Of course, the more I sit on the porch, the more things I see outside that need to be taken care of.

  • Both porches need to be painted.
  • Rocking chair on porch needs to be painted.
  • The new old pew needs to be sanded and painted.
  • The basement window well needs a cover of some sort.
  • The garden…oh, let’s not even go there today.
  • Flowerbeds need mulch.
  • Flowerbeds need edging.
  • Flowerbeds need flowers.
  • Spiky weed things need to be dug up from the yard.
  • Swing set site needs to be prepped.
  • Clothesline needs to be replaced.


I think my love for the great outdoors has just now faded slightly.  Suddenly the inside of my house is looking a whole lot more appealing.  😉

Kitchen Catch All Wet Bag

In the interest of saving some money (and the environment, too), I’ve been working on only using cloth rags/napkins in the kitchen. I do have a roll of paper towels, but it lasts us a l-o-n-g time, and generally is only used for draining greasy foods like bacon or fried fish. (I love fried fish.)

The problem I’ve been struggling with us having piles of washcloths and towels laying near the sink and in the kitchen until laundry day. It has been driving me bananas!

Enter the solution: a kitchen catch all/hanging wet bag.


I found and purchased this one from SweetSlings on Etsy, and it has changed my life. Best.purchase.ever. It’s really well-made, and can just be tossed in the wash. Easy peasy. A simple (and super cute) solution for an unsightly problem. Love!!

Handmade Love

At the craft show on Saturday, I collected many, many business cards. SOOOOOOOOO many cute items and booths. Seriously, there were a couple of booths that made me swoon. I want to be just like those vendors Shen I grow up. Love.

So instead of hogging all the cuteness, I’m sharing the love and recommending a few of my new favorite shops with you all. Try to contain yourselves! 🙂

Frankie and Lulu ( I bought this delightful coin purse from her…it makes me happy to look at it. Abby keeps trying to steal it.


Earthen Joy: seriously, beyond cute ceramics. Little plaques and Nebraska shaped pendants and more. After visiting her booth, I seriously started shopping for a kiln. Her stuff made me want to swoon.

Boutique ButterLu (on Facebook, not Etsy): This lovely lady had burlap decor that was beyond cute. She also had little hello/welcome vinyl signs for front doors. I have one on our red door right now but I need to repaint the door so I need a new one…she didn’t have the color I wanted but was totally willing to make and ship it for a phenomenal price. So excited!!

There was also a booth with too-cute-for-words screen printed flour sack towels…I’m totally adding that project to my to-do list! Love love love.