Fitness for Mommies

If you’re a mom with small kids and are struggling with finding time and energy to work out, you are not alone.

My BFF and I own a fitness center and I can’t even get there to work out. So trust me when I say that I get how hard it is.

It stinks when you want to get that baby weight off…or train for that 5K…or do something to make yourself feel slightly attractive or at the very least human…and you can’

Keep this in mind: this is just a season of life. When you have babies, infants, toddlers, young kids, older kids… it is HARD to make time for yourself. And you’re running around all the time and your to-do list is a mile and a half long and it feels impossible to carve out even a sliver of time for a tiny little workout. Even if you could find the time, you maybe can’t find (or don’t want to find) the energy, because let’s just say it…mommy is pooped.

What’s a mom to do?

I’m totally in this season right now, and it’s hard. But I’m learning it’s possible to get workouts in, no matter how brief. You may not have time for a 45 minute run, but I think those of us in this season of life need to give ourselves some slack, and agree that a little bit is better than nothing in this area.

If you can get up early or stay up late to get a workout in, then that’s fabulous! If you’re like me and hate early mornings and are worn out by bedtime, then here are a few other options for us tired/busy/pooped out mamas:

– Find some workout videos to do at home. It’s not super exciting, and it’s may not be as fun as a fitness class, but it’s an option. And you can get some Zumba DVDs and have a dance party with the kids.
– Learn some baby/toddler yoga and do it with your kids. Amazon has some great books on toddler yoga…I just ordered “Isty Bitsy Baby” and it’s a pretty good book for babies up to two years old.
– Get the stroller out and walk. Any time of year. Throw blankets over the kids and stroll. Call a mommy friend or two and start a stroller walking group!
– Check around your area to see if there are any mommy and baby fitness classes. If there aren’t…ask a local fitness center to consider starting one.
– Laugh, roll, dance, flip, jump with your kids. Every bit of movement helps. 🙂
– Run up and down stairs every chance you get. Make extra trips to the basement. Haul extra loads upstairs.

You go, girls!


Fighting Frumpy Mommy Syndrome

I’ve noticed that I seem to be suffering from Frumpy Mommy Syndrome. Frumpy Mommy Syndrome (FMS) often occurs when you’re stuck at home with one or more small children. Boogers, dirty diapers, and thrown food are often regularly encountered and thus a mother’s desire to actually put any effort into her appearance gradually diminishes over time, until she one day realizes that she looks like a hot mess of a wreck.

So once FMS is diagnosed, how does a mommy treat it?

– Buy a new coat. While running errands and taking care of business, it really does make you feel more human to have a cute coat to wear, especially if your go-to jacket is a boring plain black fleece number. Throwing on a cute coat just lifts a girl’s spirit. Now is the time to buy a coat…they’re on sale everywhere this tome of year. And if you’re on a tight budget like I am, sell some stuff your local buy-sell-trade page and get yourself a cute mommy coat. Because you are cute and you are worth it.

– Dye your hair. And if you’re like me and can’t afford to get it done professionally, I hereby give you permission to buy a box of hair dye, leave your children in the care of their father, lock yourself in the bathroom for 15 minutes and dye those locks. There’s just something about a little mini-makeover to raise your spirits. I even just did a box of temporary color that washes out after so many washes. A girl can only live with those ever increasing grey hairs for so long before doing something about them! And if no one notices that you colored it (which is what happened when I did this a month ago), who cares!? You feel better and brighter and that’s all that matters.

– Use those bath and body products that you’ve been hoarding/saving for a rainy day. Consider it raining and get them out of that drawer! Lather on that lotion, spritz that perfume, use those expensive bath gels! Quit waiting for a better time because that time won’t come and if it finally does, the stuff will smell funny and the lotion will be lumpy and you’ll be out of luck. You’ll feel pretty and smell nice. The kids and hubby will like the newly moisturized and pleasantly scented mommy.

Dry Shampoo: My Thoughts

I jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon this week.

A little background: I’m a “shower every morning” type of person.  But I have one year old whose sleeping patterns, while MASSIVELY improved, are still somewhat erratic.  And I have a two year old whose energy kicks my butt.  And the one year old is determined to keep up with the two year old…so that being said, hopefully you can understand that I am one pooped mama.  So in the interest of being able to stay in bed for an extra 13 minutes every morning, I decided to give this dry shampoo thing a try.

The whole concept fascinates me, really.  DRY shampoo.  Shampoo in an aerosol can.  Very interesting.

So while cruising through Wal-Mart yesterday, I popped over to the hair products and picked up a can of this stuff:

NYM  clean freak dry shampoo

It was totally an impulse buy, but hey.

So of course I was VERY excited to skip a shower and have a few extra minutes in bed this morning.  It was the dawning of a new day…a new era in the life of a pooped out mom.  Yay for that!  I downed a few cups of coffee and bravely entered the bathroom to begin my experiment beauty makeover.

(BE PREPARED…very scary self portraits ahead!!!!!)

So this was my “before” pic.

photo 1

I have very straight, fine, somewhat thin hair.  The reason I’m fanatical about morning showers is because if the hair doesn’t get washed daily, it tends to get pretty oily and gunky on day 2.

So I sprayed on the shampoo.  And folks, I did my research.  I read every review out there on how to correctly use this product.  I held it 8-10″ from my hair and used short, quick bursts to apply it, then brushed it quickly and plumped it up a little.

My “post-shampoo application” pic:

photo 2

I was pleasantly surprised!  It gave my hair lots of body, and it felt pretty clean and not gunky/oily at all.  Nice!


Less than two hours later, the hair looked like this:

photo 4

And I could stand it no longer and took a shower.


Totally greasy and weighed down and YUCK.  Big bummer!  My hair is always pretty flat, so that didn’t really bug me; it was mostly just the oily, weighed down feeling of the hair that had me wanting to shave my head.

Sigh.  I had to try.   I REALLY wanted this to work.  I’ve lived with this hair for thirty-three years now, so I had a hunch it would end up like this, but I had to try.  I guess the product was just a little too heavy for my hair.

Anyone need a can of dry shampoo?  Mine needs a new home.  🙂



Mommy’s Off the Clock

Remember the home organizer I mentioned the other day? She had one other suggestion that I’ve been working on implementing. It’s a great tip that can apply to anyone, married or single, with kids or not.

Pick a time in the evening to be done. No more work, no more cleaning, no more computer. You have to make time to just chill out and relax.

I struggle with that, but I didn’t really realize it until she mentioned it. I try to get as much done as I can every day, from the time I get up til I go to bed. So that meant after the kids were in bed, I’d sit on the couch and fold laundry, or clean the kitchen, or put toys away for the 17th time that day, or scrub the tub without having to worry about anyone eating the soft scrub.

What I wasn’t considering was the fact that mommy needs an off switch. It isn’t healthy to always be going. If I want to be at my best, I need downtime, too. Time to read or watch Real Housewives or veg out with my hubby on the couch.

So now, mommy clocks out at 830 pm. No household chores, no annoying computer work, no canning. It’s been kind of a challenge to retrain my brain to relax a bit, but I’m getting there. It’s a good thing.

Beauty School Wannabe

I’d like to preface this post by saying that it’s amazing what a girl can learn on YouTube.

My hair has been a hot mess lately. We’re talking in need of major help. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at getting myself to the salon for haircuts. And I’m cheap and on a budget. So I probably average two cuts a year. (I’m now hiding in shame from that confession.)

But it just so happens there are many, many “how to cut your own hair in layers” tutorials on YouTube. So I bought myself some designated hair scissors and went to town last night.

It was mildly scary. But then again, so was the ‘do I already had, so…as soon as the kids were in bed, the snipping began.

Let me tell you, snipping hair is addicting. It’s hard to stop. Very hard. I think I told myself I was done four times before I actually put the scissors away for the last time.

And the final result: it didn’t turn out up be a disaster! It’s far from perfect and of course nowhere near a real haircut, but it at least has some shape (albeit lopsided) and fewer split ends. And that is enough for me.

Let the Milk Chugging Commence

So little Riley has been having a rough time lately. A couple of weeks ago he started having little fits during his feedings. It wasn’t a huge deal at first, but it recently started getting more frequent and he wasn’t eating nearly enough so I, as his mother, entered freak out mode. We went to the doctor last week and he suggested, based on the info I gave him, that something I was eating was bothering my little Ry-Ry and suggested that I adopt a dairy-free diet for 2 weeks.

For real – do you know how hard that is? Most foods have SOME dairy component. It’s tough to avoid dairy. And I love cheese. Luuuuuuuuv cheese.

Of course for the sake of my child I obliged. But it didn’t really seem to help. He was still having a hard time. Not every feeding was a disaster, but when they were, they were bad. Poor little guy.

So today he threw a fit and refused to eat for two feedings in a row and he sat there crying and I sat there crying with him and Abby sat next to me patting my arm like, “It’s ok, mommy,” which made me cry harder because why was my 1.5 year old comforting ME?!

Good grief. It was time for a second opinion. So I called the pediatrician in the big city to the south and we took a family trip to a new doctor, who diagnosed him within 2 minutes as having reflux. He gets to take medicine to help with it from here on out.

Oh, and he also has a little bitty ear infection, which we luckily caught before it became a big dog ear infection.

Poor, poor little baby boy.

Thank goodness for second opinions and baby doctors. And thank goodness for the end of dairy-free diets. That was hard on this mommy…but it helped me lose the last of my baby weight. I celebrated with a big ol’ cheeseburger from Culvers. Best. Burger. Ever.

The end.

My Stinking Facebook Addiction

I heard this somewhere recently, that Facebook is even more addicting than cigarettes nowadays.

At first I was like, “Uh, yeah right.”  But they explained that it’s because Facebook is soooo accessible.  Totally true!  If I’m at work, I can check Facebook anytime I want, all day long. And it’s even worse if you’re like me and have it on your phone, too.  I’m really truly able to check it anytime, day or night, 24/7.

And it IS addicting.  At times, I’m totally grossed out by how addicted I am to it.  And I think I can honestly say that 85% of the time, I’ll often get onto Facebook out of sheer boredom, which isn’t exactly a good reason.  At all.

Which is why I have declared Sunday at Facebook-free day.  Well, it’s one of the reasons.

I’ve been slowly working at making Sunday a true day of rest.  I think the Lord knew what we needed when he declared Sunday to be a day of rest.  We need time to unwind and be still and calm and unwind and relax and just be.  And it’s hard (for me, anyway) to do that when i am constantly hustling and bustling and “plugged in.”

So I’ve been trying to make Sundays a day where we go to church as a family, and then come home and just chill.

No laundry, no scrubbing toilets, no paying bills.  And NO Facebook.

Lots of reading, and naps, and REAL down time.

There’s something freeing about breaking the Facebook addiction…about having the power to look at that little icon on my phone and CHOOSING to ignore it for 24 hours.  I’m liking that feeling.

So just know that as much as I love all of you, any attempts to contact me on Sunday via Facebook will be ignored until Monday morning rolls around.  (You can always call or text me, however.  I’m not THAT unplugged on Sundays.)  😉