Good Grief

Happy Friday to you!

I’m obviously making some design changes to the ol’ blog, which I’m not so good at…

So please pardon my “mess” until I get it all coded and arranged correctly!  🙂  Thankfully I can still post as usual, so that’s good, at least.  It will just look funny in the meantime.



Confession:  Using Twitter scares the snot out of me.

I’ve had a Twitter account for quite a while now.  I totally love and “get” the concept of Twitter…I like to follow other people’s tweets.  But I am totally terrified to send out my own tweets.  It frustrates me to be scared of it…good grief, it’s been around for years now.  I’m totally late jumping on to the Twitter bandwagon.

But all the symbols and things confuse me to death.  All the #’s and @’s and mini url’s…I understand them when I’m reading other people’s tweets, but the thought of being in charge of using them myself…well, I about come undone.

Heartbreaking, because I WANT TO TWEET.  I love me some social media…so I NEED to master this to be complete.  😉

Any of you tweeting?  Am I alone in my fear?!  Argh.  I need to go to Twitter school.