These Days at the Cozy House

We’re enjoying some lovely October weather at our house this week. We’re having a very lazy week, wearing lazy clothes, and living outside as much as possible. God bless sunny, warm fall days. And indoor tents from Grandma. After declaring the desire to sleep all night in the tent, the two year old lasted approximately 6 minutes in the tent before bailing to sleep in his own bed. The three year old organized and adjusted the tent’s living quarters no less than 12 times before finally deciding on an arrangement that suited her bedtime needs. Oh, and the tent takes up a good 63% of their bedroom. But it’s a darn lot of fun and that’s all we really care about around here these days.

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Tonight at the Cozy House

Let’s ignore how long it’s been since I last blogged and jump right into it.

Here’s what’s going on around our place lately.

– I did central Nebraska a favor today. I watered my garden; hence, it is now raining.

– There are seven new puppies at the cozy house. SEVEN. Put your dibs in now, folks.

– The three year old knows how to make coffee.

– The three year old can also officially “read” her first book. She has completely memorized “Felix Feels Better” word-for-word.

– The two year old is all things boy and cannot stop climbing and throwing and sprinting and farting and laughing about it.

– The wife is making a late night phone call, blabbing on the phone to her BFF while attempting to make life-changing yogurt.

– The husband may have just compared his wife and her BFF as “cackling hens” in regard to said conversation.

– The wife blames all cackling on her poor, crippled BFF, who is obviously starved for some entertainment since being laid-up with her newly broken foot. Life with crutches is no life for this girl.

There you go. Life at our place. Happy fall!


Handmade Love

At the craft show on Saturday, I collected many, many business cards. SOOOOOOOOO many cute items and booths. Seriously, there were a couple of booths that made me swoon. I want to be just like those vendors Shen I grow up. Love.

So instead of hogging all the cuteness, I’m sharing the love and recommending a few of my new favorite shops with you all. Try to contain yourselves! 🙂

Frankie and Lulu ( I bought this delightful coin purse from her…it makes me happy to look at it. Abby keeps trying to steal it.


Earthen Joy: seriously, beyond cute ceramics. Little plaques and Nebraska shaped pendants and more. After visiting her booth, I seriously started shopping for a kiln. Her stuff made me want to swoon.

Boutique ButterLu (on Facebook, not Etsy): This lovely lady had burlap decor that was beyond cute. She also had little hello/welcome vinyl signs for front doors. I have one on our red door right now but I need to repaint the door so I need a new one…she didn’t have the color I wanted but was totally willing to make and ship it for a phenomenal price. So excited!!

There was also a booth with too-cute-for-words screen printed flour sack towels…I’m totally adding that project to my to-do list! Love love love.