I can’t draw. I wish I could but I’m just not an artist. But nonetheless, I am completely, totally, maniacally in a crazied frenzy over bible journaling.  
Heard of it? It’s more than just taking notes in your bible (although that alone is fantastic, don’t get me wrong). 
It’s all about using pens, paint, stickers, colored pencils, stamps, etc to doodle, draw, and letter in your bible as you study God’s word. I’ve JUST started it, and I can already tell you that it’s been amazing. As I write, draw (ok, chicken scratch), and doodle bible verses, the verse goes around and around in my head. The time isn’t about creating, it’s about studying the word, soaking it in, planting it in my mind. It’s totally addicting. I spend nap times doing it and totally lose all track of time. 
If you need some real life LEGIT examples of what artists are doing, just search #biblejournaling or on Instagram. Or check out Illustrated Faith on Instagram/FB. She’s fantastic. 
I’m in a “growth” phase of life spiritually right now. I cannot get enough bible study/prayer/journaling time. So for that reason especially, Bible journaling just fits for me in this phase of life right now; so I’m just going for it. My drawings aren’t spectacular and my lettering stinks; I don’t have super cool art supplies or even a journaling bible. I’m coloring up my 15 year old NLT hardback study bible that’s been taped together. But you don’t need anything other than a bible and a pencil, really. It isn’t about the “how” of doing it… it’s about bringing God’s word to life in your heart, spending time in his word. It’s making me think, ponder, examine, and question my words and actions every day. I’m digging it.  



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