The Book Addiction

I was talking books with a friend this morning and shared with her that I fully recognize my #1 weakness in life: books. It doesn’t matter how much I scrimp and save on our family budget…I always, always, always manage to find the resources and justification for more books. I may or may not have five more on their way to me as we speak.  Gah.  Darn and their “slightly imperfect book” sales THAT I CAN’T RESIST. God has been prompting me to work on my self-control lately, but that’s definitely a topic for another day.  For now, it’s all about books.

Here’s what I’m delving into this week. 

  • Fierce Beauty, by Kim Meeder
  • Longing for Paris, by Sarah Mae
  • Better than Before, by Gretchen Rubin

Almost finished with the top two, and just started the bottom one.  My journal is filling up quickly with notes and passages.  I like that. 

So on this cloudy, drizzly Monday, I’m putting my feet up during nap time, ignoring the mess around me, diffusing some vetiver/lemon EO in the diffuser, and reading. God bless lazy Mondays.

What’s on your book shelf?



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