School Work

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. I have no excuses. So, let’s just jump back in, shall we?

We’ve been doing some Montessori-inspired school work around here lately. I have to say, I am loving it. I’m super new and somewhat clueless with the whole Montessori thing, but it’s basically child-led learning. I think. Giving them space and resources to do things independently whenever possible. I love this quote by Maria Montessori: “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” Love that.

And there are no crafts involved. I’m so not that mom who enjoys with crafting with toddlers. Oy.

We’ve been at this a few weeks now. I’ve purchased a few things for the kids’ “work,” but mostly I’ve made things and scrounged around the house to find things to make do with. Montessori has a practical life aspect, and we’d already been doing some of that at home: letting the kids sweep, wipe up spills, water plants, set/clear the table, etc. but there’s so much more to Montessori. We’re at the tip of the Montessori iceberg and I’m loving it. Already I’ve noticed Riley is more focused, independent, and purposeful when he does his work. It’s sinking in! So cool.

So I made these color sorting mat kits for a craft show last year. I had one left over, so I dug it out for Abby to do today. She did great with it; she’s known her colors for a long time, so I figured it’d be easy work for her. The thing that cracked me up was seeing what the items on the mat looked like when she was done:


She completely organized every item on every color square the exact same way. She’s so type A and I’m so not. She absolutely does not get her little detail-oriented personality from me. I love seeing her blossom into this little person that God designed intricately. I showed Jon the picture and he said proudly, “She gets that from me.”

Hopefully my disorganization doesn’t eventually drive them both bananas. I guess they can commiserate together. I’m holding out hope that Riley will be on my team.


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