Apples to apples

In honor of my parents’ anniversary, I canned applesauce today.

Actually, those two events are entirely unrelated. They just both happened to be today.

But I did start on the 45+ pounds of apples. Oy. Homemade applesauce is so worth it, but that is one butt-kicking process. Especially with two littles underfoot.

Nonetheless, progress is being made. Fresh out of the canner are three different varieties. Bonus points for the Groves who recognize and know what the pink flavor is (it IS light pink, even though it looks like spaghetti sauce or something reddish).




4 thoughts on “Apples to apples

  1. I’ve not had homemade apple sauce since I was very little. This made me start craving some again. Do you put any special ingredients in it? My grandmother used to mix it with cinnamon and a dash of what she called, “the secret ingrendient.”

    • You should give it a try! It’s not hard, just time consuming with peeling and cutting up apples. I made three different types. The regular just has a little sugar mixed in. The brownish one has some cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar, and I mashed it with a potato masher so it’s a little chunky. The pink was my grandma’s version…i added som cinnamon red hots and a little sugar. That applesauce tastes exactly like fall. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. So I’m a year behind, but do you peel the apples? I just did a small batch that made 4 pints. Peeling them all with a paring knife takes forever! I’d love to make a lot at once, but it takes me all afternoon doing small batches.

    • Yes! You do peel them. I have an apple corer/parer/slicer thingy that I use occasionally. Depending on the condition of the apples, it is sometimes easier to peel them by hand. A lot of times the apples I get are wormy/bruised (windfalls, etc) so I have to cut a lot of them out, so doing it by hand is sometimes the best option. Another option would be a food mill, which is on my canning wish list. 😉 you can find both of those on Amazon.

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