Tonight at the Cozy House

Let’s ignore how long it’s been since I last blogged and jump right into it.

Here’s what’s going on around our place lately.

– I did central Nebraska a favor today. I watered my garden; hence, it is now raining.

– There are seven new puppies at the cozy house. SEVEN. Put your dibs in now, folks.

– The three year old knows how to make coffee.

– The three year old can also officially “read” her first book. She has completely memorized “Felix Feels Better” word-for-word.

– The two year old is all things boy and cannot stop climbing and throwing and sprinting and farting and laughing about it.

– The wife is making a late night phone call, blabbing on the phone to her BFF while attempting to make life-changing yogurt.

– The husband may have just compared his wife and her BFF as “cackling hens” in regard to said conversation.

– The wife blames all cackling on her poor, crippled BFF, who is obviously starved for some entertainment since being laid-up with her newly broken foot. Life with crutches is no life for this girl.

There you go. Life at our place. Happy fall!



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