The To Do List

Just to make myself feel like I’m being productive and getting more organized, I’m have compiled this list of outdoor tasks. Which heaven knows was long enough last week, yet I still added to this weekend. If you need something to do, PUH-LEASE feel free to drop by and tackle a project or five.

Prepare to amazed (or feel the need to have a stiff drink, because that’s kind of where I’m at. And I don’t drink.)

Rocks for the rock path.


New tree for the yard, which requires a massive hole, staking, and mulching.


Porch (one of two) to be painted.


Pew to be painted. (Don’t you love it?! Super cute, from the church my dad went to as a kid.)


Yard to be mowed. And prepped for swingset. So I need landscape timbers put into place and sand brought in. Fun!!


And the brown weedy area is the garden (stop laughing!), which needs to be tilled and planted and lovingly tended for.


Most of this requires my hubby’s help, and since he’ll be in a tractor for a couple of weeks, it’s only going to get worse around here. I guess I’ll stop blogging and get to work! 😉


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