These Days…

Due to recent perfectly gorgeous weather, we’ve been spending a ton of time outside.    Getting out of the house and having room to run has been fabulous.  Well, the kids run.  I sit on my new old church pew on the porch and brainstorm granola recipes and logos while watching the kids run and dig in dirt and blow bubbles and so on and so on.  Mommy is as grateful for the fresh air as the kids.  I’ve heard people say that their porches make them feel like they have a whole extra room in their houses.  This is the first spring that our south porch has been usable, thanks to my oh so handy husband, and boy, are we using it.  I totally get that “extra room” thing now.  That’s exactly how I feel.  I love our little porch so much that I’m already dreading the return of cold weather in the fall.

We (ok, I) made the mistake of telling Abby that we are going to get a swing set soon, and that’s all she’s talked about for almost a week now.  I have explained over and over  she will have to be patient, that we will have to buy it and build it, and since it’s planting season it may be a while before Daddy can get it up, but she doesn’t care.  I love her enthusiasm…and since it’s kind of my blabbbermouth’s fault that she even knows about it, I have been letting her dig the heck out of my flowerbeds with her plastic shovel while she bides the time.

Riley just wants to roam the yard.  And take the plastic shovel away from his sister.

Ah, the bliss.

Of course, the more I sit on the porch, the more things I see outside that need to be taken care of.

  • Both porches need to be painted.
  • Rocking chair on porch needs to be painted.
  • The new old pew needs to be sanded and painted.
  • The basement window well needs a cover of some sort.
  • The garden…oh, let’s not even go there today.
  • Flowerbeds need mulch.
  • Flowerbeds need edging.
  • Flowerbeds need flowers.
  • Spiky weed things need to be dug up from the yard.
  • Swing set site needs to be prepped.
  • Clothesline needs to be replaced.


I think my love for the great outdoors has just now faded slightly.  Suddenly the inside of my house is looking a whole lot more appealing.  😉


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