On the Docket

Here are a few things happening here this week:

– Did I mention the hallway project? It used to be wallpapered, but the kids were pretty fond of ripping it off the wall. So I yanked the remaining paper off in the hallway and kitchen and decided to try a board and batten type project I found on Pinterest. We shall see how it turns out. I painted the walls a week or so ago; Jon cut the trim last night, so I will be painting and nailing all that into place within the next few days. Stay tuned!

– I’m officially, unapologetically addicted to this stuff:


– Sold quite a few owls at the craft show over the weekend, so I’ll be replenishing that stock for the Kearney show on the 12th. I love those cute little buggers, but they take quite a while to make. Lots of little steps.


-Sidenote: our first big city craft show went…ok. Traffic wasn’t quite as great as we’d hoped for, but we met some neat people and sold some stuff. And shopped a lot.


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