Pushing for Vulnerability…Still

I’m still working hard on vulnerability, which is my word of the year for 2014. And last week, I made a couple of realizations that is making it a little easier to become vulnerable.

1.) Showing and owning my emotions makes me feel…real. Honest. It’s a relief to let it all out.

2.) when it comes to being vulnerable, and I start to feel wishy-washy and chicken out about doing/saying something, I tell myself to do the exact opposite of my natural/default reaction. If I would “normally” want to run the other direction to avoid a hard conversation, I suck it up and say what needs to be said. If a friend is hurting and I don’t know what to say and want to avoid saying anything, I call her and ask how I can help. I have some bad habits that have formed and often (sadly) doing the opposite of my initial reaction is the right thing to do.

How about you? What are you doing to help yourself grow?


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