So, remember a while back when I mentioned my newfound obsession with temporary hair dye kits? (Which, might I add, I have since discovered are NOT all created equal…I now have a small stockpile of the GOOD brand in my cupboard, because a few brands were yucky icky no good. I digress.)

Tonight was hair dye night, and for once I allowed my little lady to keep me company during the process. Her only job was to stay seated while I transformed myself.

Apparently either she didn’t listen and came too close, or I got really messy and splattered her, because she DEFINITELY has a dark brownish reddish blob in her dark blonde hair.

So if you see her within the next 28 days (which is how long the dye lasts, you know), and she has a bow in a strange location on her head, you will know why.

The End.



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