Creating: Cute Checkbook Wallet Things

This project falls into the category of “I don’t know if anyone else will think these are great but I’m falling madly in love with them and think they are fabulous.” Whew.

Sewed one of these checkbook wallet things the other day on a whim and then made a couple more the next day.



They came about because I have one or two too many blue checkbooks floating around, so I decided to sew up a case or two to help tell them apart. I had lots of soft wool flannel, so that’s what I used to make them.

They’re pretty simple; I just wanted a little slipcover to hold the checks and register. You could insert the blue checkbook cover and all right inside. Another use could be to use it for carrying cash, especially if you’re using the envelope system. It’d be great for that!!

I know they’re simple…and not everyone’s style…but I heart them. šŸ™‚


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