Creating: Junk Journals

Ok. I have had my eye on a Zutter binding machine for a long time. It’s a cool little doodad that lets you bind journals, books, cards, etc. They run $65-75ish, so i’ve never taken the plunge because at that price I feel like o should be fairly committed to using it. And I wasn’t sure about being that committed.

Alas, while recently perusing the clearance section at Hobby Lobby, there on the shelf was a little, lonely Zutter machine for $19.95!!! Woo-hoo!!!

So I’ve kind of gone on a binding binge. I’m slightly obsessed with making little journals. It fast and easy and fun and they’re cute and artsy fartsy and I love them. I use any scraps of paper that I can get my hands on, from scrapbook paper scraps to old file folders to maps to sheet music and on and on. For the covers, I’ve been using chipboard (which need to be decorated but haven’t decided on how to do those yet) and parts from some cute pocket folders. You could use old book covers or cool boxes/packaging for covers, too. I think the reason I love making these is because it gives me an outlet for using everyday items (that i may have otherwise thrown away) in new ways. Fab!!





That’s why I call them junk journals; you use junk and together all the old papers make a fun, new, one of a kind journal. So many options for creativity with these. Love love love!


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