Goings On

– I totally have Olympic fever. TOTALLY.

– Due to aforementioned fever, we’ve hardly watched Veggietales or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood all week long. I’m ok with this.

– “Project: Phase Out Sippee Cups” has officially commenced. I am so sick of cleaning/assembling sippee cups. Each child has been given a Nalgene kids water bottle. They can have cups during meals and their water bottles during the day. So far both children are thrilled/borderline obsessed with the new cups. I only hope the thrill continues long enough for Mommy to help the sippees “disappear.”

– I love MOPS. For real.

– Did I mention my infatuation with the olympics? This post could have been finished 27 minutes ago but I can’t stop watching the women’s half pipe final. Oy.

– Is 10:16 pm too late to bust out chocolate cake?

– Riley may or may not have worn his sister’s pink cowboy boots to town yesterday. His father would not be thrilled to hear this information.

The End.


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