Getting Things Done

As a stay at home mom, I often feel like I have way more to accomplish than I did when I was still working.

How backward is that?!

I decided a while back that winging it from day to day was not going to work for my household. Winging it in our house would look like this: the kids and I would lay around watching veggietales all morning long, we’d eat dry cereal and fruit snacks for lunch (not that there’s anything wrong with that, except when you do it daily…which we could easily do…), and supper would, well, be a miracle.

So to avoid sinking into the pit of despair, something had to be done.

Enter my teacher’s lesson plan book.

Purchased at Target for $1 during the back to school sales, it has been my lifeline over the past months.

It’s my notebook, my menu planner, my to do list, chore list, etc, all rolled into one.

If I ever lose it, life as I know it would be over.

This little book totally keeps me motivated. If it’s written down, staring me in the face, then I kind of have to DO it. That’s how I’m wired.


So I just break down each day into these categories: household, errands/groceries, play dates, me time, meals, and school.

Household: what do I need to accomplish around the house? Chores, cleaning, organizing, bills, etc.

Errands/groceries: shopping lists, stores, appts, etc

Play dates: I try to make sure the kids have time to play with other kids at least two times a week.

Me time: devotions, blog, drink enough water daily, exercise (ahem)…basically anything that I do for myself.

Meals: planning lunch, snacks and dinner daily helps in so many ways. I plan a week at a time. It takes a weight off my shoulders to have meals planned out ahead of time.

School: This isn’t school per se; it’s just where I plan one specific activity for the kids each day that will challenge them/teach them. So activities could be lacing/stringing, puzzles, play doh, coloring, finger painting, singing songs, practicing abc’s or numbers…anything outside of regular play that they do all day long. If I didn’t plan any activities, it’d be very east to just do nothing. I don’t want to go there.

So that, in a nutshell, is how we keep track of it all. Some people don’t need to do this (and I’m so very jealous of those people), but I need to. And the nerd in me very much enjoys it. Thank goodness for $1 teacher planners. I can only hope they have them back in stock next August, because I will probably buy 14 of them.



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