Simple Living – Toy Purge

Still purging.

Attacked the toys last week. Toys are a weakness for me. We don’t buy many toys, but I try to find toys that challenge them to be creative and problem solve and use their imaginations. And when I see a good toy, I hate to pass it up.

Like most families, we have waaaay more toys than we need. Lots of books. And puzzles. And blocks. And stuffed animals.

And toys that were gifts. And toys that I had as a kid.

Sigh. It’s a hard area for me to purge.

But my new Amish mindset kicked in and reminded me that Amish children grow up with a fraction of the toys that we have. And they are smart, bright, functional kids.

Bottom line: my kids don’t need hundreds of toys. They will survive and develop just fine without big, fancy, complicated things to play with.

My goal as a mom is to raise happy, content, easy-going kids who value the right things in life. Teaching them about God and life and nature and loving others is what’s important. We can do that without tons of toys distracting and complicating things.

So I got rid of a number of toys this week. Sold some, gave away others. I focused on getting rid of toys encourage them to be creative and use their imaginations. We still have more than we need, but it’s a start!


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