Simple Living – How the Amish are Helping Me Purge

So the post-Christmas purge is still going strong. Hauled another load to Goodwill over the weekend-woo hoo!! The cozy house is starting to feel a little more roomy these days. I’m liking it.

When we were in Indiana, we took a Christmas day drive which landed us smack in the middle of Amish country. As we drove past Amish farms, I was just struck – in a good way – with how simple and neat and tidy their farms are. And while some may say that they look stark and bare, to me there was something comforting and homey about the scene. I was kind of jealous. Seriously.

I’m feel like I’m so buried in legos and kitchen utensils and books and sippee cups and shoes that I can’t find time or space or motivation to deal with or organize any of it. It’s absolutely the antithesis of simple living.

Hence the on-going purge.

I don’t want stuff to control my existence. Or my house.

Last week I worked on purging the kitchen. I sold some small appliances, rearranged a little, organized cabinets, and suddenly, I feel like I have room to breathe now. It’s amazing!!

I actually thought about the Amish as I was doing it. They don’t have small kitchen appliances (obviously) and yet the things that come out of their kitchens put anything that’s ever come out of mine to shame. Obviously they don’t need Pampered Chef gadgets and Foreman grills to survive and eat well.

I am struggling big time with kids toys. I think that’s my focus area for this week. Heaven help us.


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