Dry Shampoo: My Thoughts

I jumped on the dry shampoo bandwagon this week.

A little background: I’m a “shower every morning” type of person.  But I have one year old whose sleeping patterns, while MASSIVELY improved, are still somewhat erratic.  And I have a two year old whose energy kicks my butt.  And the one year old is determined to keep up with the two year old…so that being said, hopefully you can understand that I am one pooped mama.  So in the interest of being able to stay in bed for an extra 13 minutes every morning, I decided to give this dry shampoo thing a try.

The whole concept fascinates me, really.  DRY shampoo.  Shampoo in an aerosol can.  Very interesting.

So while cruising through Wal-Mart yesterday, I popped over to the hair products and picked up a can of this stuff:

NYM  clean freak dry shampoo

It was totally an impulse buy, but hey.

So of course I was VERY excited to skip a shower and have a few extra minutes in bed this morning.  It was the dawning of a new day…a new era in the life of a pooped out mom.  Yay for that!  I downed a few cups of coffee and bravely entered the bathroom to begin my experiment beauty makeover.

(BE PREPARED…very scary self portraits ahead!!!!!)

So this was my “before” pic.

photo 1

I have very straight, fine, somewhat thin hair.  The reason I’m fanatical about morning showers is because if the hair doesn’t get washed daily, it tends to get pretty oily and gunky on day 2.

So I sprayed on the shampoo.  And folks, I did my research.  I read every review out there on how to correctly use this product.  I held it 8-10″ from my hair and used short, quick bursts to apply it, then brushed it quickly and plumped it up a little.

My “post-shampoo application” pic:

photo 2

I was pleasantly surprised!  It gave my hair lots of body, and it felt pretty clean and not gunky/oily at all.  Nice!


Less than two hours later, the hair looked like this:

photo 4

And I could stand it no longer and took a shower.


Totally greasy and weighed down and YUCK.  Big bummer!  My hair is always pretty flat, so that didn’t really bug me; it was mostly just the oily, weighed down feeling of the hair that had me wanting to shave my head.

Sigh.  I had to try.   I REALLY wanted this to work.  I’ve lived with this hair for thirty-three years now, so I had a hunch it would end up like this, but I had to try.  I guess the product was just a little too heavy for my hair.

Anyone need a can of dry shampoo?  Mine needs a new home.  🙂




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