Christmas Baking

It’s 50 degrees at our house today, which doesn’t really get me in the mood for Christmas. Especially Christmas baking. But sometimes a mommy promises her children things (like baking cookies after nap time IF they stop acting like wild lunatics and lay down and sleep, for Pete’s sake) and we have to be a good mommy follow through and uphold our end of the deal. So on this warm, sunny, December day we baked cookies.


They were somewhat of a dismal failure. I somehow lost my tried and true sugar cookie recipe, so we were stuck with a butter cookie recipe that I’ve never tried before. Butter cookies…eh. These were the ugliest cookies we’ve ever made. UGLY. We had Christmas trees and cows and chickens and cowboy boots and after they baked (well, let’s be honest, before they baked, too) you couldn’t tell what in the world they were supposed to be. But Abby had a blast. And Riley ate cookie dough as fast as his chubby fingers could cram it into his little mouth. And we had Christmas music blaring and flour flying and everyone was just completely content and happy. The kitchen was a complete disaster. But that means I was forced to do a quick scrubbing of the kitchen floor, a task I’ve avoided for about 4 months now. So a good time was had by all! šŸ˜‰


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