A Christmas Miracle


My kids are loving all things Christmas. It’s a fun holiday season around our house so far.

Abby is obsessed with moving the star from day to day on the advent calendar. Riley can’t stop playing with the Little People nativity and animals. And they looooove dancing to the Happy Christmas CDs.


I’m not going to lie. I’ve threatened to take the Christmas tree down on a few occasions already this year. Once when Abby pooped her pants for the second time that day. And another when Abby, Riley and Wyatt (a cousin that’s Riley’s age) were all happily undecorating the tree at an insanely alarming rate. Like, making an Olympic sport out of it. We’re talking fast.

I mean, give a mommy a break! Sigh.

(Breathe, mommy.)

We are of course using unbreakable ornaments and no hooks, but good grief. Picking up ornaments from the ground and around the house is a full-time job.

It almost seems like more trouble than a joy.

But then, Abby will turn to me at the most random time and exclaim, “Mommy, I love my Christmas!” And she’ll tell daddy 14 times a day which “sock” (stocking) is hers. And they love playing with the tiny baby Jesus and rearranging mommy’s nativity. And Riley will walk around jingling his jingle bell ornament as fast as he can while wearing his sister’s pink cowboy boots and I realize that they are totally awesome kids who are just.being.kids.

So we’re keeping the tree. But I did put it up on a tote to make it a little harder to access. Jon thinks this is the world’s dumbest idea because it hasn’t deterred them at all, and only makes the tree more top-heavy and prone to fall over on us. It’ll be a Christmas miracle if it’s still standing by Christmas.

Here’s hoping for a Christmas miracle.


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