Tips for Shopping With Your Very Young Children on Black Friday

Yes, I did indeed shop on Black Friday with my one and two year old children. I had to. I can’t NOT shop on Black Friday. I’ve been shopping on Black Friday since Montgomery Ward was still in business in South Bend. A looong time. 🙂

So when it’s ingrained in me to shop, I shop. And since I’m a mom, the kids come, too. We didn’t go out at a crazy time…by the time we hit our first store, it was 10 am. It was actually a somewhat enjoyable a trip, but was not without a few…hiccups, shall we say. Thus, I have for your reading pleasure, a few tips for anyone who may be considering shopping with their one and two year olds on Black Friday.

– If it’s nap time and you feel like making that ONE FINAL STOP is pushing it, listen to your instinct. Please, for the love, stop shopping or your daughter may have a meltdown in the western store over not getting a pair of purple glitter cowboy boots. And by meltdown, I mean having to drag her through the store as she cries huge crocodile tears.

– Pack lots of snacks.

– Keep your purse closed so that your klepto kid doesn’t load it up with batteries unbeknownst to you. You may be oblivious to this until you stop for lunch and are frantically digging in your bag for the one year old’s zippy cup and come across a 12 pack of batteries that you specifically remember telling the two year old to return to the shelf because no, the light up frog at home does NOT need new batteries. Oy.

– When in long lines at lunchtime, singing “Itsy bitsy spider” and “Old McDonald” can be lifesavers. For real.

– Check the length of the checkout line at Kohls before you find those sale items that you CANNOT leave the store without. Because if you’d known upon entering the store at 10:39 am that the line still wrapped halfway around the store and was a 45 minute wait, you probably would have somewhat gladly skipped that stop altogether.

I really was proud of how well my kids did, considering the crowds and long lines. They have officially shopped on Black Friday. Long live tradition!


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