Hooray for Progress

Thanks to the super-motivational leadership class I’m taking, I’m actually making progress in a few small  business ventures that I’ve been dreading/avoiding/afraid of for some time.

One of those ventures that I’ve been avoiding is my poor, neglected Etsy shop.

But never fear!  New inventory has been added, with more to come!  Hooray!   Check it out here.  I even added a widget to the sidebar on the left so you can easily find me on Etsy whenever your heart desires.  🙂

One of the ventures I’ve been afraid of is my photography “business.”  But I’m making progress and moving that forward as we speak.  Good-bye, fear of failure!  Woot woot!  (And if, by any chance, you’re reading this and you’re an Indiana family member who would be at all interested in a mini-photo shoot while we’re in town for Christmas, let me know!)

Oh, and something I’ve been dreading is running….but Angela has motivated me to do a 5k…in  two weeks…so I’d better get over that one.  And soon.  😉


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