Currently at the Cozy House…

1.  We are all very tired.  The kids have had this gunky nose/cough thing going on, which means sleeping at night has become a luxury rather than an expectation.

2. I’m making my DIY Christmas list as we speak.  I have some ambitious gifts planned for this Christmas…hope I can stay motivated enough to get them all finished.  They.are.AWESOME!

3.  We’re planning to drive to Indiana for Christmas, and we need to rent a car.  Or a van.  Jon wants to rent a van.  Finding a good deal on a van rental is making me break out in hives.  It’s pricey!

4.  Abby has officially been introduced to Veggie Tales and Thomas the Train.  And she’s obsessed with both.  Obviously we are no longer a household that opposes children watching tv shows.  Quite the contrary…mommy now depends on that for sanity, so tv watching is here to stay. 

5.  Our dogs, none of which are frequent barkers, have suddenly been barking a heck of a lot.  It’s a little unnerving.  I’m afraid I’m going to leave the house someday soon and be face to face with a mountain lion.  Or a rabbit.  A rabbit is more likely, but still.  A girl has to wonder.

6.  I’ve taken on a no-spend mindset until the end of the month.  So far so good.  Ok, I messed up yesterday when I had to put gas in the car.  And buy milk.  But a no-spend policy should apply mostly to non-essentials, right?! This mommy needs gasoline and milk on a pretty consistent basis. 

7. I’m so glad that sewing weather has returned.  I can only stand sewing when it’s cold and blustery and I’m snug and warm inside my house.  However.  Jon needs me to patch a few pairs of his jeans.  I’d rather run seven miles through pig manure wearing high heels than patch jeans.  I’m terrible at it!  Boo.


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