A Word About Photo Editing

Consider this my PSA for the year.

I’ve been using Photoshop CS2 for a while.  It’s really, really outdated now and had been acting really sluggish and was ticking me off.  So I decided it was time for a change.  I decided to try Photoshop Elements 11, since it was a.) relatively similar to Photoshop and b.) TONS cheaper.  I think I got it on Amazon.com for $70ish.  I’ve been completely happy with it.  It’s totally user-friendly and I’ve gotten some great edits with it.

Enter The Coffeeshop Blog.

I came across this site a while back.  The host of this site has developed literally hundreds of actions for Photoshop photo edits.  An “action” is simply a easy to use, super fast edit.  It usually combines 284 complicated steps into one button that you apply to your photos for awesome results.  Better yet, all of her actions are free.  LOVE free!  You can, however, purchase all of them for $39 and save yourself HOURS of downloading actions and loading them into PSE.  That’s what I did.  I’m cheap but my time is worth something, and having 100+ actions loaded into PSE in a minute’s time is worth a lot.


Using actions is completely addicting.  I can spend hours trying them on various photos.  Nothing can save a really bad photo, and goodness knows I have my share of those, but her actions have made a lot of my so-so pics look fantabulous.  SOO if you’re in the market for some photo software and are nervous about finding something that’s easy to use and gives you great results, I highly recommend both PSE 11 and the Coffeeshop Blog actions.  Be prepared to spend hours of your life glued to your computer once you get them…you won’t want to stop.  🙂  (PS…these are my honest, humble opinions.  Neither the peeps at PSE or the Coffeeshop Blog have any clue that I exist.)





046 (2)After (this was a ONE BUTTON EDIT!!!):

046 (2)



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