This time of year always makes me extremely homesick.  I miss fall in Indiana.  I miss the abundant red and orange and yellow leaves.  They’re few and far between here in our corner Nebraska, and I miss them.

This fall is worse than usual.  My parents are moving right now.  Have I told you that?  They sold the house they built when I was in junior high and are moving to a new town and a new house and a new everything.  I want to be there to help them.   But I’m not.

And their church closed this past weekend.  The church I grew up in and go home to.  I so wanted to be there for that last service yesterday.  But I wasn’t.

All this has been in the works for a while, but now it’s happened.  And it’s hitting me that I missed it all.

And I hate that.

So today I’m feeling melancholy in spite of the sunny, clear, blue sky day we’re having here.  I just want to be THERE. 😦  Sigh.  Oh, to not live 700 miles (well, 730 miles now because of the recent move) from home.


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