Pickles, Anyone?

Man cannot live on pickles alone.

But we sure will try here at our house.

Since my puny little cucumber plants in the garden petered out, Jon’s boss’s wife has been sharing with us, which has been awesome. That Phyllis, she knows how to garden. I’d like to be her when I grow up.

Alas, I digress. Cucumbers. We love eating them fresh so we do that quite a bit. Both kids eat them pretty well. Add some Dorothy Lynch dressing to cucumber slices and Abby pretty much considers them as good as Halloween candy.

So since we’ve been blessed with so many, I’ve been able to can some pickles. And boy, have I.

Bread and butter pickles.

Dill pickles.

Sweet pickles.

Dill pickle relish (which is so good that my mouth is watering with just that one little thought).

Side note: after canning in a hot kitchen, is there anything more satisfying than hearing that little “pop!” when the lid seals? I think not.

Anyhoo. We love our pickles. Thank goodness for Phyllis and her garden surplus.


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