Candy Making at the Cozy House

Today I was watching “Sister Wives” (I know…insert groan here) and they were making caramels…which made me want to make caramels…which is something I’ve never attempted, but hey, why not. It sounded more appealing than doing laundry.

So down the kids went for their naps, and out came the supplies. I only burned myself twice in the cooking process. (It’s never a good idea to decide to taste boiling hot caramel as it cooks. And yes, I was stupid enough to do it twice. Oy.).

The end result: not a complete success. Tasted super yummy, but it was too soft, never firmed up enough to cut into candies. Bummer. So I now have 4 pints of caramel sauce in the fridge, which, on second thought, is absolutely NOT a bad thing. I wonder if I can use it to make caramel granola? Hmmm. Just a thought. 😉


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