Garden Update

My garden and I have had better days. It’s still alive and growing…barely. So far, I’ve lost my carrots (never even sprouted…planted them too late), cucumbers, beans, and watermelon. Sigh. But alas! I have massive tomato plants and decent pepper plants and even I can’t kill my potatoes, so I’m not giving up.

I had a snake encounter in the garden a few weeks ago…did I mention that? I can’t remember. Needless to say, my enthusiasm for gardening has waned since. Poor little garden. I stopped watering by hand and started using the sprinkler to lessen the odds of another snake sighting, and weeding? Ha. I’ve been having snake nightmares even. It’s a little out of control.

However, two events have arrived that have lit a fire under my hiney to get back out there.

1.) Red tomatoes have appeared! And green peppers!

2.) My parents are enroute as we speak, and pride has reared it’s head and convinced me to convince my hubby to weed-whack the weeds so that I can resume care of the remaining plants.

So my garden has been revived. I’m totally pumped to start canning; I have approximately nine dozen empty canning jars calling my name.

And just for the record, I l-o-v-e having raised beds in my garden this year. Way easier to care for than rows, on my opinion, and they’re prettier, too (also my opinion). It’s been a good thing.


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