Lessons Learned

-When you’re in the car and your newly potty-trained child tells you she needs to go potty, believe her. For the love, believe her. And when you’re making the trip to the big city an hour away, and she has to stop and go to the bathroom 4 times within the first 12 minutes of the trip, it’s probably a good idea to just postpone the trip and head back home. Just putting that out there.

– It’s really, really hard to find the motivation to tend to a garden once you have COMPLETELY ignored it for two weeks. And once you’ve seen a snake in it. Just saying.

– If you’re at your in-laws and the mulberry tree is lush and your children are berry-eating maniacs, strip them down before turning them loose. And don’t hold the teething baby after he eats his weight in them because you, too, will be stained with purple juice.

– When you teach yoga moves in your fitness class, be sure you are in shape to avoid being sore for two straight days.

– Oh! And don’t watch “Toddlers and Tiaras” with your impressionable young toddler, unless you’d like her to start acting like an entitled little drama queen.


4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Thanks for the insight!! Some of these things are actually new to me 🙂 Would you like to borrow my piddle pad?? It goes on the car seat for those long trips…

  2. We had the same issue with the mulberry tree a couple years ago…I was wearing flip-flops..my feet were purple for a few days. Also Super Nanny is another one of those shows that have adverse consequences.

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