Goodbye, Beloved Teaspoon

Here’s what happens when mommy leaves the room.

Picture it: I was cooking PW’s cowboy calzones for supper. Knowing my hubby, I thought corn would be a good side dish and ran down to the basement to get some corn from the deep freeze. My mistake would be that I left my two year old playing in the sink with the water coming out in a slow trickle.

When I came back from my 37 second trip downstairs, she was screaming and crying, “Oh no! Oh no!” I saw she’d turned on the water to full blast (of course) and the sink was backed up. So I figured she was upset because of that and turned on the garbage disposal to clear the drain.

When will I learn….

She’d apparently sent a measuring spoon down the drain…that’s what the oh no’s were about. And said measuring spoon now looks like this:


Crud. And it had to be the teaspoon one. I now own three sets of measuring spoons, none of which have a teaspoon.

37 seconds.


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