Little Cozy Porch: Summer Banners

I love cozy porches.  It’s my goal in life to have attempt to have at least one cozy porch at our house.

I was just thinking today how I love summer because it’s easy to have cute porches in the summer.  It’s really hard (for me, at least) to have cute porches during winter.   So I am enjoying the cuteness while it lasts, because all too soon it will be back to a boring old blah winter porch.

Sidebar:  I don’t love anything more than a freshly painted white porch.  It is beauty in its simplest form.  🙂

Ok, so while we were in Indiana, we stopped at my cousin’s cute home and she had these adorable little banners on her railings.  I took pictures of it so that I could attempt to copy it, because I fell completly in love with her idea.  So Hannah, thanks for allowing me to totally copy your fun idea.  🙂

Mine’s not nearly as cute as Hannah’s, but here’s how I made it.  It took about 3.5 minutes and was a no sew project.  Woo-hoo for not having to haul out the sewing machine!!  Mind you, my banners aren’t necessarily constructed to withstand major weather conditions, but based on last year’s summer I am prediciting a rather uneventful season, so I cheated and made it the easy way.  You could sew the flags on to make it more durable…totally up to you.

Here’s the finished project:


The first thing I did was pick a few sort-of coordinated fabric scraps.  (This project is a great way to use up fabric scraps.)  I cut them into squares using my pinking shears; since I didn’t want to hem them at all, I figured that would be a better way to edge them.  You could hem them with a sewing machine or even with hot glue.  But I’m lazy and used pinking shears.)

Next you measure your porch and cut your twine.  I think I ended up adding about 1 to 2 feet to allow room to tie it onto the porch.  If you over-estimate the length needed, you can always trim it after to have it tied on.

Then I simply laid out all my flags, spaced them evenly, laid the twine on top, and hot glued them into place.  Fold over the flap and press it down til it’s good and glued, and voila!


An easy-peasy, cutesy-wootsy banner.  I think it makes my manly husband want to poke his eyes out, but I think it’s adorable.  And it makes me happy every single time I pull into our yard.  Love it!



Did I mention how much I love a clean, white porch?    Ahhhhhhh.


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