The Abby Story of the Week

My two year old daughter has a problem with self-control in the produce department of the grocery store. The produce manager man has suggested that we start weighing her before and after our shopping trip and charging us appropriately. He may be onto something.

While shopping yesterday, I intercepted her twice as she attempted to help herself to apples. But then I got distracted talking to someone and the gal I was visiting with said, “Uh-oh!” I turned and not only was Abby eating an apple, but the apple she helped herself to was the most expensive in the whole store – -$4.99 A POUND. And they were huge; the one she snagged was the size of her head and weighed in at .7 lbs, which cost me $3.40ish. For one apple.

I’m gonna have to put her in the cart from now on…mama can’t afford to let her run wild in the grocery store. 😉


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