Beauty School Wannabe

I’d like to preface this post by saying that it’s amazing what a girl can learn on YouTube.

My hair has been a hot mess lately. We’re talking in need of major help. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at getting myself to the salon for haircuts. And I’m cheap and on a budget. So I probably average two cuts a year. (I’m now hiding in shame from that confession.)

But it just so happens there are many, many “how to cut your own hair in layers” tutorials on YouTube. So I bought myself some designated hair scissors and went to town last night.

It was mildly scary. But then again, so was the ‘do I already had, so…as soon as the kids were in bed, the snipping began.

Let me tell you, snipping hair is addicting. It’s hard to stop. Very hard. I think I told myself I was done four times before I actually put the scissors away for the last time.

And the final result: it didn’t turn out up be a disaster! It’s far from perfect and of course nowhere near a real haircut, but it at least has some shape (albeit lopsided) and fewer split ends. And that is enough for me.


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