Poor Little Ri-Ri

Riley had his nine month check-up last week. He’s hitting all his milestones, but hadn’t gained as much weight as the doc would have liked. I explained his mealtime routine: a jar of baby food/table food and then he gets nursed. (He’s nursed a few other times, too. And he gets occasional snacks.) To which she replied, “Feed him lots more. Two or three jars of food three times a day and bring him back in a week for a weigh in.”

Ok then.

I’m happy to report that Riley has taken to this new meal time regime. He always eats at least two full jars at every meal, sometimes three. Or 3.5.

And it’s totally changed his mood! Duh, right? He’s not crabby from starvation anymore. And he has a ton of energy now…he moves a lit more.

Poor little guy. Mommy’s kind of slow sometimes, buddy.


2 thoughts on “Poor Little Ri-Ri

  1. I think this just proves that little boys eat more than little girls. Just wait until he’s a teenager 😉

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