Naptime Reading

We’re having an April mini-blizzard. I was supposed to vacuum out my car during naptime today, but the weather has thrown a kink in that plan…darn. 😉

So instead I’m curled up in front of the wood stove re-reading “The Me Project”by Kathi Lipp.

I read it a while back. And as I worked through the book that time, I had a different goal/venture in mind, but in my heart I wanted it to be photography. Ha! So here we go. I decided that now that this photography thing is happening, I needed a pep talk and some encouragement. This book is so, so good for those of us who have a dream or goal and need some motivation to make it happen. I’m so there. I’m getting the technical side of this business taken care of…I just need to make sure I’m mentally and emotionally ready for it.

Now, back to my book… 🙂



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