A New Endeavor

So I think I started a new business yesterday.

“Jennifer Schauer Photography” is now an official member of the Ord Chamber of Commerce.

Gulp. Can you believe that?! I’m still in shock myself.

I have a friend who’s on the chamber board and he called yesterday encouraging me to go for it and get started with this photography stuff already and I guess I agreed and now I’m official and my name is out there and I’m already wondering, “WHAT AM I DOING?!”

Deep down I’m excited, because I’ve been dreaming of and praying about this opportunity for a l-o-n-g time. God kept nudging me toward doing something photography related and I kept dragging my feet, so I guess He sent Kevin (and Kelly, too) to kick my butt into gear with this photog stuff.

Huh. I’m kinda nervous about all this, but heck! What do I have to lose? Not much. Maybe I won’t ever even have any clients. Who knows? But I’ll just keep trusting Him and walking through the doors He opens…just grateful for new opportunities and old dreams coming true. We shall see! šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “A New Endeavor

  1. Congratulations, Jen, on this new business venture! My cousin has his own photography business, and he absolutely LOVES it! If you would like some tips, tricks, ideas, etc., let me know and I would be happy to connect you with him. I think you will do great things with it! Your personality alone would sell me! Putting your trust and faith in God is the answer to fulfilling your dreams!

    • Thanks, Janelle! I appreciate that. I have NO idea what I’m doing so it’s a little intimidating…but I’m gonna give it a try. šŸ™‚

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