Early to Rise

Riley, my dear, sweet little boy, has one tiny little flaw.

He likes to wake up at 5 am.


And 9 times out of 10, I’ll nurse him and he’ll conk out again, leaving me awake at an ungodly hour. I’ve been struggling with this early-to-rise schedule of his for a while, and I’ve decided as of today that it’s stupid of me to not be taking advantage of getting up e-a-r-l-y and getting some tasks out of the way.

So this am, after he fell back to sleep around 5:40, I:

Made coffee.


Started a load of laundry.

Did my devotions.

Paid bills.

Swept the kitchen floor.

Watered plants.

Folded laundry.

Organized supplies for a few sewing projects.


Whew. All before 7:30 am. It was nice to start the day feeling productive. I’m realizing that if I can get things like that done and over with before my kiddos awake for the day, it means I can be more free to just enjoy them during the day and not feel like I have things hanging over my head that “have” to get done.

I like that.


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