Mama Needs A Spinning Wheel

Lately, when I tell Jon “good night,” that’s code for “I’m going to lay in bed with my iPhone and research spinning wheels.”

For real.

I’m a woman obsessed with spinning yarn.

Is this nuts? Probably. Especially since I don’t crochet or knit or weave. But I looooooooooove yarn. Always have. Any desire to learn to crochet or knit or weave comes from my love for yummy, chunky, silky soft hand spun yarn. I’ve tried to learn to crochet 642 times. Without success. (My last-ditch effort will be attending a crochet for beginners class in a couple of weeks. If that doesn’t work, I’m done trying forever.)

I figure, if I can’t master the art of crochet, I can at least supply yarn for someone who can. 🙂

When I started researching spinning, I was a but overwhelmed. Luckily, I know a cool lady who used to spin. She gave me a quick crash-course in it, and I have been a woman obsessed ever since.

Spinning wheels aren’t just the big, old fashioned wheels of days gone by. No way would we have room for that in our little house. So I’ve been looking at small, portable wheels. There are three models that I am in love with, all of which are super cute.

The Ashford Joy:


The Schact Ladybug:


The Clemes and Clemes Modern (which is the wheel my friend has):


I picture myself sitting outdoors with my wheel, spinning in the pasture, a gentle breeze blowing through my hair, as my children frolic nearby and butterflies flit past. In reality, I’ll be hunched over it in our living room, yelling at them to keep out of my basket of wool. But hey. A girl can dream.

There’s a spinning wheel dealer south of us, and I’m hoping to try these out in the near future. In the meantime, I’m saving pennies and gathering junk to sell in a garage sale in a few weeks, a sale to which I’m officially calling the “Mama needs a spinning wheel” sale. Word.


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