True Stories of My Recent Life

Warning: this post absolutely falls under the category of rambles and blubberings. Consider yourself warned.

– Our wood stove keeps our home so warm that when the furnace actually kicks on (we have the thermostat set at 73 degrees) I feel like I’m freezing my toesies off.

– I kind of hate breastfeeding. I’m honestly totally over it. I know it’s best for Riley, but MAN. My body wants a break.

– I just joined a new bible study. It’s based on a popular Christian book. I started reading the book last week. After the first chapter I kind of regretted my decision to join/read it. After the second chapter I changed my mind completely. I’m glad I kept reading because that book is now knocking my socks off. It’s just what I should be reading at this time in my life.

– I’m still in decluttering mode. So far I’ve emptied out about 1/3 of my closet and most of my shoes. I’m definitely learning that I have hoarding tendencies. Well, I knew that. I think I’ve just been in denial.

– I am completely awful at managing our finances. I want to fire myself.

– Did you know Jon is down and out at the moment? He tore two ligaments and had a knee scope on Friday. The best part of his whole yucky situation is that when he gimps around the house, Abby imitates him and gimps along behind him. It’s stinking hilarious! Then she points at him and says, “Funny daddy!” because she thinks he’s just being goofy and limping around for her entertainment. Oh, that child.

– Since Jon is operating with limited mobility, he has been camped out on the chaise portion of our sectional for many moons now. I am also sleeping on the couch, for two reasons: Riley has been teething and isn’t sleeping well (the couch is much closer to him than our bed), and also just because I CANNOT sleep well alone anymore. Pitiful.


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