Going Minimalist

We have a lot of junk. A LOT of junk. Loads of junk. Stuff, crammed in corners and nooks and crannies that makes our little house a whole lot…littler.

I get so sick of stuff. Every year I have a garage sale and feel like I’ve purged a ton and then before I know it, stuff closes in on us again and is everywhere and I’m over it. Whew.

I just read a blog post that completely inspired me (http://lusaorganics.typepad.com/clean/2010/10/downsizing-and-a-challenge-for-you.html) and energized me to get this junk out of my house…in a big way. No more, “Oh, I’m going to keep that for Abby to use in 5 years when she’s old enough” and “So-and-so gave that to me and I feel like I should keep it.” And no more, “I’ll add that to my ‘things to sell on eBay’ pile.” Nope. The eBay pile is going bye-bye. I just want this stuff gone.

In that life-changing blog post, the writer recounted her friend’s story – they touched every.item.in.the.house and evaluated it. Can you imagine? How long would that take you? I don’t even want to think about how long it would take me.

I’ve really gotten rid of a lot of stuff, especially kids stuff. They really don’t have that many toys. But there are definitely some that could disappear and not be missed. Same with clothes. I think it could feel awesome to only have a few shirts for Riley to wear, rather than a drawer stuffed so full of onesies that it won’t even shut.

So my goal for the week is to arm myself with boxes and start going through our house, one room at a time, touching each.and.every.item and evaluating if I/we love it or if it would belong in my dream house. If not, sionara junk. I’ve never been more excited to get rid of stuff.


One thought on “Going Minimalist

  1. Good luck!! I don’t think I could do it. I do have open boxes constantly being filled for garage sales. Last year I had 2 🙂 When Kathryn was having a really hard time picking out her own clothes even though she was 5 1/2 it dawned on me that she had way too many choices. We got her dresser down to 14 or less shirts and pants and anything she didn’t really like was put in the box for Rachel some day. That helped a ton! My goal is to have enough that I could do laundry every other week but of course that isn’t really what happens. If I only have a week’s worth of clothes though, sometimes we run out of things. My favorite part, is actually having room in the dresser drawers to put away clean clothes!! Yeah!

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