Project of the Week: The New Tub

I am so excited about our most recent mini-project…we got a new bathtub!

I know, it’s not that exciting, but I’ve been wanting one since Abby was born and she’s almost two, so it’s been on my wish list for a while now.

Our old tub was kind of…yucky. I never ever gave either kid a bath it; we always used the little baby bath (inside the bath tub, of course). Now that we have a nice, pretty new tub, I can’t wait to get rid of the baby bath tub.

The old tub also had sliding glass doors, which I hated for lots of reasons. The glass was horrible to keep clean with our hard water. It was terribly hard to keep clean in general, because water collected near the tracks and it was just yuck. And the tracks were a pain in the patooty when giving the kids baths; leaning over them and having them in the way was less than ideal.

So like any project that you think will be simple, it hasn’t been just as easy as taking out one tub and dropping in another. We had to rip out lots of drywall. Abby is very concerned about the bathroom. She keeps walking into it and saying, “Oh NO! What happened, Daddy?” We’ll have to repaint and spruce things up a bit. I’m planning on restaining the cupboards a dark espresso brown anyway, so we have some work to do in before it’s all done.

But the tub is in!! Hooray!!


2 thoughts on “Project of the Week: The New Tub

  1. I love the sliding doors on our tub/shower. When Jeremy re-did the surround a few years ago he wanted to get rid of them, but I wouldn’t let him. It helps that we are in town and the water’s not too hard. But, my number one reason for loving them?? The girls can shower without drenching the floor!!

    • I think ours were just really old…and dingy…and a little moldy in the corners…the yucky permanent mold that you can’t get clean no matter how hard you scrub and no matter how many scary, super harsh cleaning products you try. :/

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