You Just Need One

I’ve recently been taking some photographs for a friend to use on her business website and for some publications/advertising and such. It honestly is a somewhat terrifying experience. I love taking photos, but I have no idea what I’m doing technically. I kind of just shoot away and cross my fingers that I’ll end up with something usable. So obviously, I’m nowhere near being a professional. I’m constantly terrified that my shots will be blurry and out of focus and blech.

On this last round of pics that I took for her, I was shooting in a room with horrible lighting. One thing I was photographing was a machine with a ton of tiny, moving parts, which combined with bad lighting was a recipe for disaster. But I did my best and shot away.

Later, as I edited the pics, I started to feel worse and worse about the photo shoot. Out of the 100+ pics I took, I had maybe 20 acceptable pics. Bummer. I just didn’t have very many decent shots to choose from. But I sent a couple of them off for her to look over and guess what? She loved them. Huh. Who’d a thunk it?

So the lesson I learned from all this is a simple one but obviously one I needed to learn: it just takes one good photo. It doesn’t matter if I take sixty shots of the same item. I just need one of those sixty to be a keeper. The rest can be throw-aways. Who cares? Thats the beauty of digital photography. 😉 So I’m not a perfect photographer. That’s ok. Getting one (or two) good shots every now and then feels so good that it keeps me trying for more.


2 thoughts on “You Just Need One

  1. I *wish* the same could be said for ONE Oreo, ONE bite of chocolate, ONE potato chip, ONE bite of ice cream……



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