Mommy Hearts Bedtime

Bedtime is so important around here.

Not so much for the kids’ sake…more for the sake of my sanity.

Call me a bad mommy, but this little mother NEEDS her children to be in bed at a decent hour every night. I need time at the end of my day that is kid-free. Time to sit and chill and breath without having to worry about who needs a diaper change or a snack or a nap.

Is that terrible?

My goal is for both kids to be in bed between 8:00-8:30ish. Most nights it works. I love those nights. Sone nights it absolutely does not come close to happening. Those nights are always a bummer.

I love spending time with my kiddies. Being at home with them wonderful. Something else that’s wonderful is having a little mommy time at the end of the day.


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