Monday Randomness

– I am determined to master the art of folding a fitted sheet.

– Through the living room/dining room makeover, I have discovered that I L-U-V to paint furniture. I’m kind of becoming obsessed with it. Give me a chip brush and some paint and look out.

– Season 3 of Castle is burning it’s way through our blu-ray. Love love love this show.

– I think I have the opposite of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). I guess SAD often hits during winter months. I grew up in northern Indiana, where it’s gloriously cloudy all winter long. The constant day after day sunshine here in the cornhusker state really bums me out. I know getting some snow is asking a lot, but could we just have a few ugly, overcast days? I need them badly. I’m craving some gray skies.

– Our new snack of choice here at the cozy house are sesame sticks. Nom nom.

– Jon got a huge fake spider as part of a Christmas gag gift. Abby loves playing with it. I just spotted it out of the corner of my eye as I walked into the kitchen and it scared the snot out of me until I realized it was the fake toy spider. Sheesh. That spider may have to go bye bye.

– Does anyone want a puppy?! Or 4?


4 thoughts on “Monday Randomness

  1. Please tell me when you master the art of folding a fitted sheet. I have been trying for years, and it NEVER looks good. I just give up and stuff the sheet in the cupboard!

  2. You definitely need to visit! Next weekend is the stock show (petting zoo), I can teach you to fold a fitted sheet, AND it’s cloudy and icky here! I want some sunshine! PS I’m sure I could find some furniture for you to paint!

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